Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Book: Digital Body Language

Marketing is undergoing a major shift that has been brought on by the change in the way people find and consume information. Whether it is Google’s ability to make the information resources of the Internet searchable or social media’s ability to connect people with peers for credible opinions on products and services, the way in which we access information and search for products has fundamentally changed.

As this transition happens, marketing and sales teams must react. With the shift to online from face to face, the ability to see body language and “read the room” has disappeared. Marketing must step in to read prospects’ Digital Body Language and use that knowledge to guide the prospects’ buying process.

The new book “Digital Body Language – Deciphering Customer Intentions in an Online World”, discusses the transitions that this is forcing in marketing departments everywhere, as they move to succeed in this new reality. In it, Steven Woods, industry expert and CTO of Eloqua discusses best practices for analyzing and understanding customer intent through analyzing their Digital Body Language.

The book uses informative explanations and in-depth case studies of many of the leading marketers around the world to show approaches to profiling, leads scoring, lead nurturing, sales handoff, marketing analytics, and data management.

Woods makes a compelling case that the transitions we are all experiencing in today's marketing environment are part of a fundamental shift in the way we think about marketing and the way we understand the buying process of our customers.

Available today on Amazon:

the official press release:

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Many of the topics on this blog are discussed in more detail in my book Digital Body Language
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Mandi said...

buying this book to be shipped internationally costs twice as much and takes around 2 months to deliver. do you sell it any other way??

Steven Woods said...

Sorry for the inconvenience Mandi -we're working on that issue, and hopefully we'll have it resolved very soon. What country are you located in? Send me an email at steven.woods (at) and I'll see if we can help.

Springboard said...

SW, i think you are correct on using digital body language to read your prospects, however, have you found anything out there that talks to REALLY being able to uncover a snake in the grass via digital body language? I am thinking there are alot of social networkers garnering "friends" and twitter buddies that are snake oil sales men. Is there anything you have read on how to truly "read" a person DBL for integrity, honesty, etc.??? thanks

Steven Woods said...

Well, there's only so much you can do to truly tell honesty, but as they say, actions speak louder than words. Looking at what people do online is much more accurate than what they say online. See my post at for more.

DB said...

can this book be purchased as a pdf document?

Steven Woods said...

its available as a free ebook download (select chapters) on Eloqua's resource site:


Unknown said...

I've had the book sitting next to my bed for a couple weeks and just can't find the time - any chance you'll have an audio book soon?

SEMHouston said...

Steven, Nick Covanes here with SuperMedia in Houston, TX. I visited with one of your reps not too long ago and he sent me a copy of your book, Digital Body Language. Great read so far. Good work.

At Your Service,

Nick Covanes
SuperMedia Houston
fb: SEMHouston
Twitter: SEMHouston