Friday, November 19, 2010

Cartoon: Who is creating content for your company?

Today's my first attempt at cartooning (okay, not really, all the hard work was done by gifted cartoonist Brady Bonus). I hope you enjoy it!

First posted this morning on It's All About Revenue:
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Carmen said...

When I first read this, I thought, "Very cute. But, really, Steve, I don't see the value in a cartoon. Where's the *real* blog content?"

And then I forwarded it to several colleagues. And we talked about it all morning.

Well played, Steve.

kurt_gielen said...

I hope you don't mind but I copied the link to this cartoon onto our corporate intranet as one of our most respected marketeers send out a call for content creation.
And unlike so often, he received no reply, not even after 4 days.

So this blogpost was spot on!

Now, come up with suggestions, PLEASE! ;-)

Steven Woods said...

glad I got away with it... cartooning's too much fun to give up on :)

Absolutely, glad it hit the mark.

Jessica said...

I love it! That's EXACTLY what happens. Can I post your cartoon to our social media blog and link back to Eloqua?

Steven Woods said...

glad you liked it. Please feel free to share it with the link-back.

Pablo Edwards said...

I love the cartoon, because I have been in this meeting. I have been around the table when someone was trying to use SM in a way that was not effective. I have also tried presenting new topics to throwback veterans, who listen and have no interest in making anything happen.

Chase @telemarketer said...

The cartoon said it all!Funny yet so true. Everybody gets all excited with ideas, but when it comes to execution and contribution it's as if you are still left alone to do it.

Solutum Internet Marketing said...

Very funny :) and sad enough not uncommon...

Mark McClure said...

Yeah, it was a race to see who could book me first ;-)