Monday, December 5, 2011

Social Media and Revenue

When I gave a presentation on Social Media and Revenue at Eloqua Experience recently, I was blown away by the great reaction to it. I wanted to dig in a bit into where social media is in most of today’s businesses. In a lot of ways, social media today is like “digital” a decade ago. There was a wide recognition that you had to “do digital”, but it was very much separate from “marketing”.

Social media today, in a lot of organizations is like that. There’s marketing, and then there’s “social media”. In this presentation, I wanted to dig in a bit and showcase (with a lot of hands-on demos), how social media can drive actual revenue in businesses today.

I do this, in this presentation, through the lens of the 5 RPIs (Revenue Performance Indicators) that the best Revenue Performance Management practitioners use to drive their businesses. It’s a fairly long presentation, and covers a fair few topics. We recorded the same presentation from Eloqua Experience in a better format to share, I hope you’ll enjoy it:

(click the above presentation, or this link, to view)

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Maggie said...

Steve - so glad to see you posting content to your blog again. I really like the presentation here - especially tapping in to the social graph and adding a new component to scoring.