Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Time: Top 10 Wish List for Sales

An interesting chat between Rob Leavitt ( and Drew Neisser ( on Marketing as a Service got me thinking about Marketing's other customer - Sales. What can we as marketers do for them.

Okay, sales complains about marketing. But, it's the holiday season, so in that spirit, let's look at the Top 10 gift ideas for marketing to give to sales. Most of these are quick to implement and show real value to sales. Who knows, maybe next year, sales will even have you on their holiday gift list. (okay, I don't guarantee that, but it's a nice thought...)

  1. Real-time alerts when their own prospects visit your website so they see interest as it happens

  2. A weekly (daily?) list of their hot leads who have shown activity that week to help them make sure they are talking to anyone showing interest

  3. All leads passed to sales scored explicitly (who they are) and implicitly (how interested they are), to give them insight into who needs a call

  4. Lead score displayed in their CRM system for all leads

  5. Account rollup showing the hottest accounts based on recent activity, so they can plan their day at a glance and know who needs a follow-up

  6. One-click access to a marketing history for each contact, so they can see what each person has received, read, reacted to

  7. Latest marketing collateral available to them in Outlook so they can download, modify, and send, saving them effort in creating content

  8. Trackable emails sendable from Outlook so they can see when their own prospects click on emails sent to them directly

  9. Marketing communications being automatically sent "from" each salesperson rather than from a corporate address to help develop their relationships

  10. A nurture program available to them to add their "not ready to buy" leads to, with one click, so they can be kept warm until they are ready to buy

Am I biased, can all these things be done with Eloqua? Yes. But, regardless of your Demand Generation platform, they're great ideas to get sales more engaged and enthusiastic about your marketing efforts.

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