Monday, March 30, 2009

Kadient: Search Rebranding Leads to Greater Insights

We all put a lot of effort into our search strategies, and spend a lot of effort carefully optimizing around key words or phrases. The reality is, however, that buyers evolve over time, and so do the terms they use to connect with you. Kadient noticed this when a rebranding of their company gave them a reason to have another look at how buyers discover them, and how they looked for solutions to problems that Kadient was able to solve.

It's a great reminder to all of us to take a fresh look at how we appear to our prospective buyers and whether that corresponds with what they are searching for in their buying processes. Here's the case study from Digital Body Language:

Kadient: Search Rebranding Leads to Greater Insights

Kadient is a leading vendor of sales-knowledge, RFP, and proposal-generation software, using a free trial strategy that enables buyers to better experience the product’s value and positively compare Kadient to other possible solutions. In order to reflect their evolution from a niche, premise-based solution to a broader software-as-a-service solution, they undertook an ambitious rebranding from its prior name – Pragmatech. In doing so, they realized that a significant effort would be needed to ensure that the search engine optimization work they had put into the Pragmatech name would carry over to the new name and new URL. They ended up, however, realizing some much deeper insights into how their buyers found them.

As they optimized their search efforts to the new name, the Kadient team made careful observations of the digital body language of the prospect who found their way to their site and also the ways in which the broader universe sought information on sales challenges. Kadient quickly realized that they had been optimizing against terms such as “sales effectiveness”, which reflected their solution, but the broader market was seeking help with “sales coaching”.

Armed with this insight, the Kadient team realized that they could tap into a new opportunity. By explaining to prospective buyers, who were searching for “sales coaching” why they should think about the more than just a glib guy in a suit giving an inspirational session, Kadient was able to engage with a much broader audience and make them aware of the Kadient solution.

By analyzing the digital body language of its prospects, Kadient quickly identified a broad new opportunity for market awareness and education, and has begun to engage with buyers who may not have even initially realized that the problem they were wrestling with could be solved by a solution such as Kadient’s.

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