Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lead Handoff and Sales Measurement - Video

Scoring leads to determine which are qualified for sales is only valuable if the sales team works with those leads appropriately when they are handed off. This is complicated by the fact that in many cases, a sales attempt to connect with a lead can result in ambiguous outcomes, like leaving a voicemail, or discovering that the prospect is interested, but suggests speaking again in three months.

In this quick video, Eloqua’s Director of Marketing Operations, Chris Petko maps out the key elements of a process for handing leads to sales, providing sales with a way to easily take action on a lead, and then automatically handing each of the lead dispositions that are likely to happen.

(if the above video doesn't load, please click here for the lead handoff and sales measurement video)

The ability to select which leads, by both fit and engagement, are qualified for sales allows very flexible control of the flow of leads to sales, so the flow can be increased or decreased based on the propensity of the leads to close and the size of the sales force. Similarly, creating a task for sales for each lead allows very rigorous management of the overall process, as the task completion can be managed and measured very carefully.

This all follows from effectively defining which leads are truly ready for sales. This was covered very well in a recent video on lead scoring best practices that is worth watching if you missed it.

Marketing automation is of course a key element in handling the lead dispositions, as Chris highlights in the video. For each disposition option on the task presented to sales, a marketing automation program can handle the lead, nurture them as appropriate, and monitor them for signs of renewed activity.

Enjoy the video, Chris lives and breathes marketing operations, and truly knows his stuff.
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Chris Snell said...

That's good stuff - thanks for sharing Steven. It is so key to have that handoff process down pat! Got to make sure, too, that marketing and sales have the same definition of what a qualified lead is.

Again, thanks for posting.