Monday, December 20, 2010

Can Marketing Really be a Revenue Engine?

It's a key question in today's business environment - can marketing really be a revenue engine, or is this current energy around marketing driving revenue just a fad that will blow over. I was truly honored to host a panel at Dreamforce to discuss that question with three of the very best in the field.

In this panel discussion, Michael Williams of McAfee, Daniel Greenberg of TrialPay, and Chris Boorman of Informatica dug into the question from three very interesting angles and showed exactly what they had done in their respective businesses to rethink marketing as a revenue engine and drive business for the organization.

If you've been thinking about marketing automation as an investment, wondering what the excitement is over the new revenue performance management space, wondering how you can take your own team forward, or looking for some interesting metrics and KPIs on marketing's performance, this video is worth the watch.

If you find this presentation interesting, or want to look more deeply at some of the metrics that were talked about feel free to have a deeper look at how each revenue engine was build by looking at it on SlideShare.
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Bill Archer said...

Marketing has a number of challenges with the key being lead generation, brand promotion, sales support. Marketing Automation can be the backbone for far more than just lead generation. When integrated it can be used to monitor sales effectiveness and promote the company's brand and thought leadership programs.