Friday, September 18, 2009

Direct Mail, Email, and the "Teaser" Concept

Email and Direct Mail are very different marketing media types for B2B marketers. However, there are always lessons to be learned from one media type that can be applied to others. In Direct Mail, a lot of thinking goes into the "teaser" to get people to open the envelope. Laura Cross, who has done a lot of Direct Mail work in her career as a Marketer, talks about the techniques and strategies used for a Direct Mail teaser, and applies them to email marketing.

The ways that we inspire our audience to click through to a landing page are very similar, as Laura explains in this quick video:

(if this video does not load, click here to watch the Direct Mail, Email, and Teasers video)

Laura highlights the six key questions that email recipients answer as they decide whether to click through on your email:

Who – is this relevant to me?
What do I need to do?
Where do I need to go or to click?
When should I do this? Is there any reason it's urgent?
Why should I care?
How will this help me?

If those questions are answered clearly, in a way that compells the recipient, they will click through from your email to your landing page. I hope you enjoy Laura's video.
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