Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Social Media, Demand Generation, and the Evolution of Marketing

The relationship between Social Media and Demand Generation is a hot topic these days. Most B2B marketers are thinking about how Social Media fits into their strategies, what works, and how to measure it.

To help with that discussion, Mike Volpe (@mvolpe) from Hubspot, Craig Rosenberg (@funnelholic) from The Funnelholic, and I got together on a web cast to discuss the topic. It's a wide ranging discussion on how Social Media and Demand Generation coincide in today's B2B marketing world.

(if the above does not load when clicked, click here for Social Media, Demand Generation, and the Evolution of Marketing)

Craig, Mike, and I cover topics from the shift in buyer behavior to how social media can be used in a thought leadership, service, brand, or revenue generation capacity. I hope you enjoy viewing the webinar as much as we enjoyed the discussion.
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