Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marketing Automation in Europe and Asia - for North American Marketers

Many organizations with a history in North America are legitimately concerned about what they need to consider when engaging with their European and Asian teams on the topic of marketing automation. In this information-packed video, Stuart Wheldon, Eloqua’s Director of Client Services for EMEA and Asia-Pacific walks through some of the important factors to consider.

Stuart looks at how data models may need extra consideration in modeling prospective buyer information, how language plays a role in more than just your marketing content, and the team structures that generally work best to achieve success.

(if the above video clip doesn't load, click here for the Marketing Automation in Europe and Asia (for North American marketers) video)

Stuart’s experience in both the North American and non-North American markets give him a unique perspective on what marketers from North American need to think about when considering marketing automation software rollouts globally. His views on how teams localize marketing campaigns, well beyond just translation, and how this affects both team structure and rollout planning are very insightful. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed talking with Stuart on this subject.

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